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The OZeGP Conferences

      The OZeGP conferences are a yearly event for the members of the OZeGP Mailgroup. The focus initially was on medical computing, and getting together as a group. The program is now much more varied. The conferences have been friendly, and very informative. The OZeGP conferences are unique in the way they are run because:
  • Members who wish, nominate to run the conference in a given location.
  • The location is then chosen, based on the number who would go to each venue.
  • Those who will be going nominate the subjects they wish to have presented.
  • The organiser then puts the program together.
This way the program is very relevant to the needs of the participants.
       The OZeGP conferences are open to all OZeGP Mailgroup participants, and their families.

  • The 2016 conference will be held on the long weekend in June, 11th - 13th. Location TBA

  • The 2015 conference was held at Scarborough Beach, QLD , on the long weekend, 8th - 10th June.

  • The 2014 conference was held in Adelaide, on the long weekend, 7th - 9th June.

  • The 2013 conference was held in Sydney, on the long weekend, 8th - 10th June.

  • The 2012 conference was held in Brisbane, on the long weekend, 10th - 11th June.

Major Mitchells
  • The 2011 conference was held in Alice Springs, NT, on the long weekend, 11th - 12th June.

Sea Eagle
  • The 2010 conference was held in Shoal Bay, NSW, on the long weekend, 12th - 13th June.

  • The 2009 conference was held in Sydney, on the long weekend, 6th - 8th June.

Crimson Finch
  • The 2008 conference was held in Darwin, on the long weekend, 7th - 9th June.

Eastern Rosella
  • The 2007 conference was held in Melbourne, on the long weekend, 9th - 11th June.

  • The 2006 conference was held at Glenelg, in Adelaide, on the June long weekend.

Purple Swamphen
  • The 2005 conference was held in Couren Cove, Queensland, on the June long weekend

White Ibis
  • The 2004 conference was held in Coffs Harbour, NSW, on the June long weekend

  • The 2003 conference was held on Rottnest Island, Western Australia from 7th to 9th June.

White Ibis
  • The 2002 conference was held in Coogee, NSW, on the June long weekend

Pied Currawong
  • was held on 9th-11th June, 2001 in Canberra at The Federation Tavern, Gold Creek.

Superb Blue Wren
  • The inaugural conference, was held on 10th-12th June, 2000 in Pokolbin, NSW

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