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Australian General Medical Practitioners

    There are about 32,000 GPs in Australia. The figure is approximate because it seems that no-one actually knows. This would seem strange because AHPRA takes our money for registration each year. It provides accurate figures which are unintelligible to anyone with an IQ between 25 and 200. The figures provided (Medical Practitioner Registrant Data, September 2015) are:

Registration type
General* 34,743
General (Teaching and Assessing) 42
General and Specialist* 49,591
General (Teaching and Assessing) and Specialist     2
Specialist* 8,471
Provisional 5,353
Limited* 3,121
Non-practicing* 2,683
Total 104,006
but since GPs are in each group maked * (and possibly the others), no information on the numbers of GPs in Australia can be deduced from these figures.

The Department of Health (DoH) provides much more direct information (GP Workforce Statistics). They tell us that in 2015-2015 Medicare item numbers were accessed by 33,275 GPs at least once in the year. It begs the question as to how many GPs work without billing Medicare? And how many of the 33,275 are specialists who used a GP item number because the patient was unreferred.