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Social Media

Once upon a time, being social meant talking to someone (face to face). Then came the telephone. Then came conference calls. Then came ...

    Communication can be made from one to another by electronic mail (email). Sending from one to many can be achieved by sending emails to a list of people. Mailgroups take this further by enbling replies to be distributed to everone on the list, thus group conversations ocuur electronically. For a list of GP mailgroups click here.

Facebook Facebook
     is a web based communication application, which was started in 2004. It has over 1.6 million monthly active users. A user creates a profile and links to others (friends). The application notifies users when friends update their profiles or send messages or photos. Click here to go to a list of general practice Facebook pages.

Twitter Twitter
    Is a service which enables its users to send short messages (tweets) to other users. Messages can be sent via the Web, via SMS or via a mobile device app.

Social media are mobile and web-based applications for connecting groups of people, enabling sharing and communication. The applications enable user generated information to be shared. The above list is only a tiny representation of what is available. Click here for Wikipedia's list.