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What is a Mailgroup?

    A mailgroup is a group of people whose email addresses are listed together so that an email sent to the group is distributed to all members of the group. Any replies to this email will also be distributed to all members of the group. This is achieved through a program (the mailgroup server) running on a computer connected to the internet. In practice, a member of the group will send an email on a particular topic. This email will go out to all members. Some will choose to ignore it and others might reply to this email. Their replies go out to the whole group. In this way a discussion is created regarding this topic. Note that this is different to using an email program to send to a list of email addresses, as any reply to the email would only go back to the sender.

National Mailgroups

The General Practitioners of Australia Mailgroup (GPA)
    There are numerous organisations around Australia that are able to represent their local GPs. The GPA Mailgroup is currently forming to link the heads of all of these organisations. The aim is provide a forum where matters of national importance can be discussed and to provide a means to unite GPs in one voice where they have a common goal.

The OZeGP Mailgroup
    Is one of the oldest medical mailgroups in the world. This community of doctors started in 1987 as the National Divisions of General Practice Mailgroup and more recently has been renamed to the OZeGP Mailgroup. The aims of the group are to support general practice and general practitioners in Australia. It is a very active mailgroup, consisting of GPs from around Australia with a few other members from wider afield. The group will discuss any subject related to medicine or the member's personal interests. Membership is open to any doctor in Australia with an interest in general practice and to others if the group as a whole determines that the person will contribute to the group's aims. This community is ideal for the isolated or solo GP as it can give support and advice (medical or otherwise) to its members. The group holds a conference once a year in varying locations across the countryside.

To become a member, go to the OZeGP Mailgroup page. This page also defines the rules for this group.

The Uncensored Mailgroup
    An offshoot of the OZeGP mailgroup. This group has no rules.
To become a member go to

Local GP Mailgroups